Monday, January 10, 2011

A Time Of Suffering and a Time For Hope

There will be times when all will be lost. There will be times when we just can't help but sing. There will be times of hatred and despair; loved ones turning against loved ones...lovers falling out of love. But there is always a time for hope: a time for a flower to bloom, a long lost love to be renewed.

Whom is the Restorer? Our hearts search for the truth but they only go so far. How far can one go? The answers have always been within us, not before us.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

First time in the Blog world...

Well, as the subject to this post states, I am indeed a new blogger. It just so happens that my best friend, Brooklyn (most of you know her as "Diet Brooke With Lime" - I think that's right?), talked me into getting one, ha.  Anyways, just to pre-warn whoever continues to read this blog post, whatever else I have to say may or may not make sense. I mean, it is 5isham and I am dozing off, which is a total contradiction to me being a night owl, so please bare with me.

I am currently listening to Rick Pino's new album "Narrow Road". Not sure if you have heard of him or not (I'm sure some of you have), but, he is a very anointed/prophetic worship leader. He is without a doubt blessed by God, and I can honestly just listen to his music over and over again and my spirit always feels so refreshed and free.  The main reason why I prefer prophetic worship over mainstream/contemporary Christian music, is because there are no limits to worship. My spirit just feels more free and alive and I desire to fall even deeper into the presence of God. Don't get me wrong, there is some contemporary Christian music that is very anointed and blessed that my spirit can soar with. But, it is very rare these days to hear the truth WITHOUT any limits attached to it. What I am trying to say is this (for instance)...when you sing a song, share a feeling or write a poem (i.e. anything that you desire to do, that has truth entangled in midst of it and within your heart, soul and spirit), sing it, share it and write it as the God of this universe intended for you to do! Though, you must do it with the utmost passion and love, freedom and truth, dignity and wisdom, but with NO limits (which is pretty much fear) holding you back. It's as simple as that :*).

Mhmm...that is indeed all I felt led to share tonight/this morning (confusing, eh?) with whomever reads this, hehe. Farewell for now!

With love,